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Fourth treatment for cancer

Book review of “The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century” by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D.

By Michael V. Petrovich

A new book on cancer treatment from Japan has been released. The book, The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century, was written by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., previous director of Yokohama General Hospital.

Our interest in this book comes from the fact that Dr. Yoshimizu uses the Bio-Mat in his treatment protocols.

“Scientific Fact: Exposure to far infrared ray is the key to preventing metastatic cancer and strengthening the immunity,” says Dr. Yoshimizu.

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We have had inquiries concerning the use of the Bio-Mat for people with cancer. Here in the United States, the Bio-Mat is not a recognized device for the treatment of cancer, and we must mention that any use of such a device during treatment of conditions such as cancer, should be approved by the qualified health care practitioner treating the patient. Should the doctor involved not have familiarity with use of far infrared in a treatment program, this book would be a good reference to assist in their education.

Dr. Yoshimizu uses the term “medical refugees” to describe those who have been sent home to die when surgery, chemotherapy or radiation have been ineffective and the wisdom of Western Medicine offers no further solution. Dr. Yoshimizu searched for an alternative. In particular, he looked for a device that would use “thermotherapy,” which is a method of heating and killing cancer cells, while improving the body’s immune system.

Infrared heating therapy accomplishes exactly what Dr. Yoshimizu searched for. It kills cancer cells, and at the same time improves the body’s immune system function. One of the therapies he discovered was the Richway Bio-Mat, which produces infrared heat with settings from 95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Dr. Yoshimizu reveals that as far back as the late 1960’s “thermotherapy” was used for cancer patients, here in the United States. There was even a symposium on thermotherapy and radiation in the mid 1970’s by the National Cancer Institute. During that symposium, it was revealed that “thermotherapy showed promising effects on cancer that did not respond to radiation!”

When Dr. Yoshimizu found the Bio-Mat, his “treatment results started to increase dramatically.” He found that “breast cancer and prostate cancer completely disappeared within 2 to 3 months.” He also found curative effects with diabetes, hypertension, cerebral ischemia and depression as well with the Bio-Mat

The far infrared wave consists of an energy wave and an electromagnetic wave and the long frequency waves in the far infrared spectrum are those most beneficial to the body. These are the frequencies emitted by the Bio-Mat. Long infrared waves from the Bio-Mat “reaches the destination [in the body] without going through the air,” allowing for deep [bodily] penetration [six inches]. This deep bodily penetration is unique to the Bio-Mat because the amethyst crystals allow you to lay directly on the mat, with the cells absorbing the therapeutic energetic frequencies.

The Bio-Mat also emits “negative ions.” For proper cell function, negative and positive ions need a proper balance. When the body is overwhelmed with positive ions, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and excrete waste is severely compromised. Those whose systems are compromised exhibit a “higher risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis and cancer.”

Negative ions are found at the beach, when taking a shower, or in a thunder storm. The reason we have a thunderstorm is because there at too many positive ions in the atmosphere and Mother Nature strives to restore equilibrium.

Increasing the level of negative ions entering the body, raises the “alkali level within the blood,” and also supports the “waste clearance system.” Dr. Yoshimizu states in his book, “it has been certified that the use of the the Bio-Mat improves back pain, insomnia, arthritis, necrotic pain and other symptoms. We use the device [Bio-Mat] to weaken the cancer cells by heating up the body and reinforcing the immune system.”

Low body temperature or “hypothermia” is a symptom of a compromised immune system. Hypothermia is due to poor blood circulation and blood vessel constriction and is many times the result of stress. Hypothermia reduces enzymatic activity, allowing cancer proliferation.

“A two-degree increase in body temperature results in a 40% increase in immunity; and raising the body temperature to 109.4 causes cancer cell death!”

“It is well known,” Dr. Yoshimizu says, “that cancer cells are heat-sensitive.” Dr. Yoshimizu says, “a one-degree increase in body temperature results in a 40% increase in immunity and raising the body temperature to 109.4 causes cancer cell death!” When the body’s temperature range is from 104 degrees to 109.4 degrees, “bacteria, virus, and cancer are heat liable.”

When you get sick with a cold or flu, your body’s natural response is to raise your temperature to kill the cold or flu that has invaded it. That temperature raising of the body often makes you feel worse, because you have an overload of toxins that need to be dumped, and that is why you often times throw up or get diarrhea. The body is dispelling the toxins.

When body temperature is decreased by just one degree, the immune system declines by 36%, basic metabolism declines by 12%, and enzyme activity declines by 50%.

Dr. Yoshimizu tells us that chemotherapy is highly dependent on an “intact immune system” and that anti-cancer medications not only attack cancer cells but also attack healthy cells, which results in “severe side effects.” Even though a cancer cell’s DNA may be damaged by chemotherapy, and become weak for a period of time, it still recovers. Therefore it is necessary to utilize thermotherapy continually to help the cancer cells to an early grave!

Dr. Yoshimizu lets us know that the Western Medicine approach of using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments “does not cure cancer completely.” Surgery only removes the visible cancer and has no ability to remove the cancer at the cellular level. It is unfortunate that radiation and chemotherapy also attack healthy cells because there is no energetic ability in radiation or chemotherapy to distinguish cancer cells from healthy cells.

The body’s cells are able to distinguish the thermotherapy from the Bio-Mat. Normal body cells are able to handle 116.6 degrees, whereas cancer cells are severely compromised at 107.6 degrees.

Cancer cells have little blood flow leading to a severe acidic state, which is a prime condition for the thermotherapy to have its way with them. Resistance is futile for the cancer cell when it is constantly bombarded with thermotherapy.

Japan has been a leader when it comes to thermotherapy. Hyperthermia [raising body temperature] treatment effects are well known because of the research done by professors at Sugawara Kyoto University. When the body is supported by a strong immune system, it naturally moves in a curative direction on its own. Dr. Yoshimizu writes that “thermotherapy is required in order to change the body into a curative state.”

Morphine is prescribed to 80% of cancer patients for pain. Thermotherapy creates “heat shock protein,” which protects cells from thermal stress, when thermal stress is applied. The brain responds by creating endorphins alleviating pain, and with thermotherapy cancer patients are able to proceed without any morphine.

Professor Itoyoko Jun of Aichi Medical University, wrote the book “HSP [heat shock protein] Cures Disease.” He explains it like this: when trauma, disease and stress proteins are damaged; necrosis and apoptosis are two methods of cell death. HSP is the counter-measures by fixing defective proteins, inhibits necrosis and apoptosis and strengthens the cell’s life force; HSP increases with thermotherapy; cells become stronger when heated.

Dr. Yoshimizu says, “We use this device [Bio-Mat] to weaken cancer cells by heating up the body and reinforcing the immune system.” The protocol that he calls “effective use” of the Bio-Mat is to heat “up the tumor mass 40 – 60 minutes once to three times a day at 158 degrees.” He also recommends adequate hydration by drinking mineral water or adding salt to your water. He further tells us that by using the 158 degrees for 50 minutes, “the patient’s body temperature will go up to 102.2 to 104 degrees.” Dr. Yoshimizu further reveals that when the body is from 98.6 to 104 degrees and above, “the immune function is increased 2 to 10 times[!] Therefore it [the Bio-Mat] is optimal in cancer treatment.” During sleep he says to set the temperature at 95 to 104 degrees.

Please note that if your temperature is below normal, it is likely that you have a compromised immune system. Dr. Yoshimizu reveals that a “cancer patient’s body temperature is usually low even during the daytime, it is important to maintain a high body temperature throughout the day.”

This is just a synopsis of his book. He also includes the necessity for maintaining proper dietary practices, exercising, drinking water, detoxing the body, etc. in his book. He explains cancer in a new way, and also explains how to rid the body of cancer without harm to the body.

Dr. Yoshimizu says, “I hope that the phrase cancer refugee will no longer be used in the future.”

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