Food Transit Times

How Long Does Food Stay In Your Colon?

Colonics hydrotherapyHmm, have you ever wondered about what happens to the food that you eat? You might be wondering how long food stays in your system before you eliminate it.

If we’re eating regularly, we’re eliminating regularly…. right? Not necessarily.

f you look at the illustration on the right, you’ll see that it takes 10 hours (or more) for food to go from your mouth to your colon.

If you’re not “eliminating” regularly (3 times a day) then waste matter is trapped in your body.

My friend, this illustration shows why Colon Hydrotherapy is so beneficial.

Colon Hydrotherapy helps you to release fecal matter and get it out of your body– speeding up the transit time.

The result is that you’re getting clean from the inside out!

A clean colon is a healthy colon.