The Need to Detox: Your body signals you when you have built up toxins that affect your well-being. When that happens, it’s time to detox!

Signs of toxicity: 

* Feeling sluggish and tired constantly
* Your body aches
* Constipation, diarrhea or feelings of being bloated
* Weight gain or inability to lose weight

The problem may be toxions stored in your fat cells. If you are eating the typical western diet, you may have up to 70 trillion garbage cans for cells. When you cleanse your body,  your empty the garbage, which affects your major organs.

Major Organs of Elimination:

Although every cell of the body has “workers” that assist in removing waste from the cell, certain organs specialize in waste management. Here are the major organs and ways that you can assist them during the initial detoxification period.

Colon. The colon is the solid-easte management organ in the body. Medical specialists have found people who have up to 80 lbs of mucus and rubber-like waste impacted along the walls of this organ. An autopsy of actor John Wayne revealed 44 pounds of fecal matter impacted in his colon that attributed to his death. Cleansing the colon can be a tough job.

You can support your colon’s efforts to rid itself of stored waste with colon hydrotherapies. These are highly effective in reducing negative cleansing reactions.

Kidneys. The kidneys are water management organs. The kidneys are responsible for keeping the chemistry of the blood alkaline by filtering out the dissolved acid wastes. You can assist your kidneys by drinking plenty of purified wayer and fresh alkaline juices. Consume a minimum of one-half ounce alkaline juice per pound of body weight on a daily basis.

What are alkaline juices? Try cucumber juice, celery juice, sunflower green juice, and buckwheat sprout greeen juice. Of course, these are freshly extracted juices that you can make using a juice machine. (You can’t find them at the grocery store– although you might be able to get a serving at a “juice bar,” if they sell freshly extracted juice) Your best bet is to get a juice machine, and make your own freshly extracted juice.

Liver. The liver is the recycling center of the body; This organ sorts out toxins and sends them to the appropriate organ for elimination. If the principal elimination organs are backed up, the liver will redirect the toxins as best it can.

Lungs. Did you know that your lungs actually purify your blood? Your lungs introduce oxygen directly into the bloodstream and remove gasses that are produced in every cell of the body.

Lymph. The lymph glands are the major garbage arteries in the body. The lymph glands carries the bulk of waste from the cells of the body to the elimination organs. Major lymphatic glands are the appendix, spleen, thymus, and tonsils. These glands tend to swell during detoxification. Regular excercise (both aerobic and resistance) and massage are beneficial to the lymphatic system. Drink plenty of fluids to help dilute and transport the toxins through the body.

Skin. The skin is the elimination organ with the largest surface area. In addition to regulating temperature and body moisture content, the skin often functions as a backup for the other elimination organs. If the colon is clogged, then toxins may try to escape through skin rashes, acne, and other skin disorders.

Exercise, dry skin brushing, massage, and drinbking plenty of fluids all encourage the skin to breathe, perspire, and release toxins.

Tips for Detoxification

1. Drink water with lemon. Mix the juice of one lemon in eight ounces of water, with 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper. This helps to open the circulatory system and alkalinize the body fluids, increasing the rate of detoxification.

2. Fast once a week. If possible, consume only freshly extracted green drinks, vegetable juices, purified water, and herbal teas. These fasting days will allow any potential long term toxins to be released before they cause serious damage. It’s like changing the oil in your engine so that it doesn’t fail due to wear and tear.

3. Exercise daily. Aerobic, resistance and stretching exercises will speed the elimination process.

4. Be careful with drugs and vitamins. Don’t treat your detoxification process with drugs or vitamins. Detoxification symptoms are part of the healing process. Don’t try to heal a symptom of healing. Your best defense is purified water and freshly extracted juices.

5. Let fevers below 103 degrees run their course. A fever is an indication that the body is working overtime to cleanse itself.

6. Get plenty of rest. The body needs energy to dispel toxins. The more you rest and sleep when the symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they go away. Getting sick is the body’s only way to eliminate a build up of excess toxins. When you feel the effects of this detoxification, don’t worry– cheer your body’s efforts knowing you will come through with greater vitality, energy and overall good health.