Conquer ADHD + PTSD

Do you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Does this sound like you (or someone you know?)

ADHD PTSD• You tend to “zone out” whenever something is boring, too complicated, or hard to understand. If it’s not interesting, you might as well forget it!

• You feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do. It’s hard to get organized, and come up with a game plan to get things done.

• You’re “all-over-the-place.” Creative ideas come to you quickly, but it’s hard to figure out how to get things done in a fast, efficient and organized way.

• You tend to be late, do too many things at once, and underestimate how long it takes to complete a task.

• You have nervous energy. Your mind races or chatters, distracting you from getting things done.

• You’re an “adrenaline junkie” who needs an extra boost to focus.

• You crave stimulation, and there’s nothing like a little excitement to stir things up. You drinks soda, coffee or energy drinks… whatever it takes to get yourself up and ready for action.

• You struggle to read, concentrate, focus and remember.

• You’re easily distracted. It’s like your brain isn’t operating at peak capacity.

• The past trauma you’ve experienced plays in your head like a videotape. Perhaps you’ve had bad dreams or nightmares. You may have headaches, stomachaches, or rapid heart beat when you encounter reminders of traumatic events.

•  You don’t want to talk about the past, or what happened to you. It’s better to push it out of your mind. You stay away from “triggers”– people, places or things that are reminders of what happened.

• Hyper-arousal: You feel anxious or jumpy. You worry that something else bad will happen. You startle easily and jump if there is a sudden noise.

• You’re irritable or have angry outbursts. You have trouble paying attention to things, and it’s a struggle to return to school or work.

These are a just a few of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Okay, if this is the problem, what’s the solution?

What’s our solution for ADHD and PTSD? To train your brain, of course. ADHD and PTSD is a sign that your life is out of balance, and you need to fix it. You can fix the imbalance by training your brain, and restoring its natural function. If there is nothing wrong with the physical structure of your brain (such as brain damage) then functioning can be restored.

Our program will enable you to be more focused, tune out distractions, get organized, andaccomplish more during the day. Some people might say that it sounds too good to be true, but the technology has worked for thousands of people… and it can work for you too.

The ALERT 60-day brain training program

Suppose you could make a simple shift in your everyday life— so that you could read, concentrate, focus, remember and get things done faster than before? Suppose this shift was relatively easy— such as taking a 22 minute “catnap” with headphones and eyeglasses— and that it was safe, deeply relaxing and enjoyable?

The ALERT is a state-of-the-art “light and sound machine” with a specific 60-day brain training protocol for ADHD and PTSD.


The ALERT has three parts:

(1) Eyeglasses
(2) headphones
(3) Control box with pre-loaded sessions for ADHD

The ALERT stands for:
Living through

The ALERT is a brain training ADHD system that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Actually, you can use the ALERT anywhere. It holds a battery (for portable use) or you can plug it into a wall outlet.

It is recommended that you use the ALERT light and sound machine at least once a day, for 60 consecutive days. The device is convenient and easy-to-use and you’ll love the way it trains and conditions your brain to get rid of ADHD.

My autistic daughter recovered from PTSD using the ALERT brain training!

“My daughter is autistic with severe PTSD. After being traumatized over a five year period in our local school district, grades 6th thru 10th, my daughter became a prisoner in my own home. Due to her severe emotional and social anxieties, we were unable to go anywhere. We were all prisoners. The ALERT brain training system was our last hope as drugs and therapy was useless. Within seven days I began to see a relaxing in her demeanor. She wanted to go shopping and was able to sit in the front seat of the car. By 20 days, we were able to take her to the hospital for removal of her wisdom teeth. At 30 days our neighbors and friends could see a visible difference in her facial features and vocalizations. After using the ALERT there is a darkness that has lifted from our daughter. We have a long way to go but we are now on a path heading in a positive direction. I too have been using the ALERT and it has helped relieve the stress that has filled my life for the past seven years. The Alert will be a welcomed part of our lives for as long as necessary.” Jessie Pallazzi, Colorado.

brain training ADHDHow to use the ALERT

1. Get comfortable in a chair or lie down on your bed. You may want to cover yourself up with a blanket.

2. Gear up! Put on your ALERT headphones and eyeglasses.

3. Power up! Plug your ALERT into the electrical outlet. (Or use a 9-volt alkaline battery inserted into the back of the device).

4. Select the setting that you want on the control box.

5. Close your eyes, relax & enjoy. You will see a pattern of flashing lights, and hear synchronized heartbeat sounds. The rhythm that you’re seeing and hearing stimulates and trains your brain to overcome ADHD.

6. Chill out. Using the ALERT is so calming and relaxing, that most people enter a state of deep relaxation (which is almost like falling asleep).

7. You’re done! After 22 minutes, your session is over. You will feel deeply relaxed and energized. Now, you’re ready to take charge of your day.

That’s it! If you can discipline yourself to use the ALERT at least once a day (for the next 60 days) then you can expect to receive good results.

It is recommended that you listen to a session for five days and then proceed to the next session. (Each session builds on the one before, so you gradually master it) You will be doing a total of twelve sessions.

Conquer ADHD in just 60 days!

ADHD PTSDAfter 60 days, you will have completed the entire program, and you’ll experience a significant reduction in your ADHD symptoms. You’ll experience better concentration, focus, recall, organization and greater productivity.

Brain training is a natural, non-evasive way to address the root cause of ADHD. The program has been clinically proven to be effective to reduce ADHD, so that you can conquer it naturally, without drugs.

Best of all, you’ll have fun every step of the way. You’ll actually look forward to your brain training time. It is relaxing and enjoyable, and when you start to get results, the victory will be even sweeter. You will feel so proud of yourself. A tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment comes when you put your natural brainpower to work, and make the most of your inner resources.

What you’re seeing & hearing:
The Rhythm of Peak Performance

Did you know there is a “Rhythm of Peak Performance?” There is a rhythm when a person is optimally listening, focusing, tuning out distractions, getting organized + being productive. Actually, it’s a brainwave rhythm… and it’s used in neurofeedback clinics across the country. Now you can practice + master it in the comfort of your own home, without ever stepping foot inside a clinic.

The ALERT is a form of audio-visual brain training. The device enables you to practice the Rhythm of Peak Performance (which is technically known as the “Sensory Motor Rhythm”) until it becomes an automatic response.

“Practice makes perfect… “ADHD PTSD

Have you ever heard the saying: “Practice makes perfect, and repititon creates mastery?”  It’s true, isn’t it? When we practice something long enough, we eventually master it.

Think about what happens when we learn to swim, ride a bike, drive a car, or play a musical instrument.

Something magical happens when we practice repeatedly. That’s when things start to click. Eventually, we can do things automatically… without consciously thinking about it. Perhaps some sort of “auto-pilot” inside our brain takes over. We’ve practiced so long, done it so many times, that we’ve mastered it. And now we can do it automatically, without thinking about it.

The same thing happens when you use the ALERT program. When you hear and see this rhythm emitting from the ALERT, you are actually practicing the rhythm. Yes, you’re lying flat on your back with your eyes closed, but your brain is dancing along with the rhythm. Your brain is practicing it over and over again. Eventually, your brian gets “in synch” with the rhythm.

After 60 days of practice, you will have mastered the rhythm. You will have mastered the Rhythm ofPeak Performance, and then it is an automatic response. Then, you can use your rhythm anytime, anyplace… even without the machine…. because you know it like the back of your hand.

Who discovered this rhythm for conquering ADHD?

brain training ADHDThe Rhythm of Peak Performance (or Sensory Motor Rhythm) was discovered in the late 1960s, by a neuroscientist named Dr. Barry Sterman. He discovered this brainwave frequency which enabled stray cats to concentrate and tune out distractions. When this brainwave frequency is reached, the cat’s brain communicated with their body’s motor systems to settle down, tune out distractions, and tap into their body’s natural energy—which is a state of calm.

Dr. Sterman called it the Sensory Motor Rhythm (or SMR).

In his college lab, Dr. Sterman used the SMR to train the cats to remain calm, exercise self-control, withhold their response, and show motor stillness. The cats even ignored the distraction of food and water with the SMR.

Taking the research a step further

In the 1970s, Dr. Sterman took his research a step further. He was approached by a woman who worked in his lab. Her name was Margaret Fairbanks.

Mrs. Fairbanks  watched Dr. Sterman do amazing things with the stray cats. “I’m willing to be your guinea pig,” she said. “Could you test the SMR on me?” asked Mrs Fairbanks. “You see, I have epilepsy, and can’t drive a car. The DMV won’t give me a driver’s license because of my medical condition, and it is a real hassle for my husband to take me to work, and pick me up. I want my independence! I want to get my driver’s license”

Dr. Sterman wouldn’t make any promises. However, he agreed to experiment on Mrs. Fairbanks using the same SMR treatment that he used with the stray cats. At the end of 60 days, Dr. Sterman asked Mrs. Fairbanks to go back to her doctor to be checked  out. The doctors did all kinds of tests on her, including an MRI.

To their surprise, her doctor found that Mrs. Fairbanks was no longer epileptic. The SMR training enabled Mrs. Fairbanks to change her brainwaves and reduce her tendency to have seizures. She was no longer considered epileptic. Finally, Mrs. Fairbanks was able to get her driver’s license. It was a dream come true!

There’s alot more to the story, but the Sensory Motor Rhythm launched the field of neurofeedback. Today, it is used in brain training clinics across the country to help people train their brains to conquer ADHD. Now you can practice and master this same rhythm in the comfort of your own home, without ever stepping foot inside a clinic. You can train your brain, and transform your life. Our 60-day brain training protocol enables you to practice and master the Sensory Motor Rhythm until it becomes an automatic response. When you master this rhythm, your ADHD will be replaced with the Rhythm of Peak Performance.

* For more detailed information on the history, testing and development of the Sensory Motor Rhythm, please read the paperback book, Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life: Conquer ADHD in 60 Days, Without Ritalin (2011). It is available on this website, and Barnes &

Development of ALERT “light & sound” machine

The ALERT is the result of 20 years of research, including clinical testing in private schools. It is part of the Health Canada Initiative, and is considered a medical device. In Canada, you can walk into any doctor’s office and tell them you have ADHD or PTSD and this device can be “prescribed” by your doctor and may be covered by your insurance.

The ALERT was developed by school psychologist Michael Joyce and David Siever of Mind Alive Inc. Joyce & Siever (2001) conducted two clinical studies using light and sound machines to reduce ADHD in elementary school children.

The studies showed that specifically-designed light and sound machines reduced ADHD behaviors, such as impulsiveness, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity. Also, the light and sound machines improved the children’s reading scores, which reflects an improvement in their ability to concentrate, focus, and retain information.

Subsequent studies show that the Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) enables adults, teeenagers and children to conquer ADHD by boosting neurotransmitters in the brain (dopamine) and normalizing brainwaves that are sluggish or hyperactive. The SMR also stimulates, conditions and exercises the sleepy ADHD brain, and boosts arousal levels.

Five things you need to conquer ADHD or PTSD:

1. You need a boost of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine.By using the ALERT, you will see and hear a rhythm that has been clinically proven to boost electro-chemical communication in your brain, so that you will think clearer, faster, and smarter. With the ALERT, you will ramp up your brain’s natural electricity, and condition your brain for peak performance. You train your brain cells to wire and fire correctly, produce a stable supply of neurotransmitters, and successfully connect to neighboring neurons at the synapse.

2. Your brainwaves need to fine-tuned and stablized. With ADHD, your brainwaves are sluggish (too slow), hyperactive (too fast), or somewhere in between. The trick is correcting this imbalance, so the speed of your brainwaves is within a normal range. With the ALERT, you will train your brain to get the tempo exactly right.

3. You need to learn the “Rhythm of Peak Performance”. Having ADHD is like being rhythmically challenged. You’re out of step with the rhythm of focusing, concentrating, and remembering information. The ALERT enables you to practice the Rhythm of Peak Performance until it becomes an automatic response.

4. You need stimulation, conditioning, and exercise. Researchers have found that people with ADHD tend to have “low arousal” or “sleepy” brains. That’s why it’s pure torture to listen to a boring lecture or wait in line. Boring activities don’t challenge, stimulate, or arouse your brain. With the ALERT, you’ll discover how to get the stimulation that your brain craves.

5. You need to relax, restore & rejuvenate! If you’re bogged down by stress, your brain works less, when you need it the most. The ALERT enables you to relax deeply, which lowers stress hormones in the blood (cortisol, adrenaline, and insulin). It also increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

ALERT 60-day brain training program includes:

• Special eyeglasses + carrying case (Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyeset)ADHD PTSD

• Stereo Headphones

• ALERT Control Box
with pre-programmed sessions

• Stereo Patch Cord

• Operator’s Manual

• ALERT User’s Guide

• Black Carrying Bag

• 9-Volt Battery

• AC Adapter, to use the ALERT by plugging it into the electrical outlet.

New Features:

• Expanded motherboard
• Sessions grouped into convenient categories (Left Hemisphere, Right Hemisphere, Whole Brain, etc.)
• Easy-to-use, up and down, Intensity and Volume controls
• Category storage for user-designed sessions

Includes 24 extra sessions (in addition to the 60-day ADHD protocol):

Group 1 – Insomnia Remedy (Alpha and Theta for sleep)
Group 2 – Mood Booster 1 & Mood Booster 2
Group 4 – ADHD & Learning
Plus “Extended Schumann Resonnance” for sleep, Sensory Motor Rhythm for Reading (20 min & 60 min), Roller Coaster, Beta Perker, and Brain Sync sessions.

USD. (Ships to USA, Canada & International)

Paperback Book

“Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life: Conquer ADHD In 60 Days, Without Ritalin”
($20. if purchased with the ALERT, or $24.99 purchased seperately)Train Your Brain Transform Your Life

Product Details

Length: 252 pages
Publisher: Petrie Press
ISBN-10: 0615297943
ISBN-13: 978-0615297941
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 13.3 ounces
Cost: $24.99 (Free shipping to USA only)

This book is easy-to-read, entertaining, and conversational in style. Each chapter begins with a “Dear Reader” summary, so you can quickly grasp the basics. You’ll know right away if you want to continue reading, or move on to another chapter that is more relevant for you.

It’s time to train your brain and transform your life!

Or get the E-book (instant download) for only $10.

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Military Veteran Recovers from PTSD with brain training

“I’m a military veteran who has wrestled with PTSD for the past 15 years. Every night, I woke up with flashbacks of the war, hearing bombs exploding, tanks and artillery, and seeing dead bodies. I woke up sweaty and often screaming. My doctor diagnosed me with night terrors. My wife suggested that he try the ALERT “brain training” system. We purchased it and began using it every day for 22 minutes (which is the protocol). After one month, I was still having the night terrors, but less frequently. I continued on the program, until I reached 60 days. Gradually, the night terrors faded away and never came back. Now it has been one year, and I have not had a night terror since. With the help of the ALERT, I recovered from PTSD naturally, without drugs. It is a worthwhile system that is easy to use and effective.” Randy Coleman, Montana